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December 12,2018: 

Congratulations to Pandamoon Publishing Author, Laura Kemp, on her new book release ~ An Evening in the Yellow Wood. 


Abandoned by an eccentric father on the eve of her twelfth birthday, Justine Cook has lived with her fair share of unanswered questions. Now, ten years later she leaves her life in southern Michigan and heads north to the mysterious town of Lantern Creek after seeing his picture in a local newspaper. Once there, she discovers her father had been leading a double life and meets the autistic brother she never knew—a young man who is mute but able to read her mind.


When a local girl who looks like Justine is mysteriously murdered, she joins forces with sheriff's deputy Dylan Locke to capture the killer. But the more they dig for clues to the past, the closer they come to discovering a secret someone will kill to protect. Justine begins to show signs of supernatural power and eventually must stop an immortal enemy that has hunted her family for generations.  


 "Laura Kemp's debut novel  'Evening in the Yellow Wood' is what happens when a mystery sticks comedy in its hair like flowers, frolics through a field of romance, then goes tumbling headlong down a magical hole." -Book Riot

"'Evening in the Yellow Wood' has it all- fast pacing, deep mystery and a surprising paranormal twist, all delivered with literary finesse. A compelling story with something for everyone." - Steph Post, Author of 'A Tree Born Crooked', 'Lightwood' and 'Miraculum'

"Who do you trust in a world where nothing is what it seems and the past is not only alive, but deadly? Laura Kemp's haunting debut novel explores how the ties that make us who we are can also be the bonds that break us."  Lynda Curnyn- Author of 'Confessions of an Ex-Girlfriend' and 'Killer Summer.'

"Laura Kemp's debut novel 'Evening in the Yellow Wood' is an engaging and eclectic story of family bonds that surpass physical presence and friendships that survive hardships, all set against the rich backdrop of rural Michigan. It's abundant in both beauty and suspense, and I can't wait to see what Kemp delivers next." Penni Jones- Author of 'On the Bricks' and 'Kricket.' 

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